Great Romanian Characters

Not only great stories about great romanian characters wit cool photos but a very simple yet effective website. Also responsive. Find out more on Find out more on

Hire Dan

Dan wanted to get a job as a copywriter so he thought of something cool. He prepared a two face interview for anyone interested. To the same questions he had two answers: a politically correct one where he was dressed as a business man and a sincere one where he was dressed like himself. The website had a few thousands unique visitors and he went to several job interviews after the website was launched.

My Mes Show

A former portfolio website where one's personalities "shake hand" qnd make a show that reveals the work of Alex Hariga. In other words, each of his personalities give a hand in putting this show for audience. And the show is the showcase. You can still take a look at this website that was made in 2009, here.

Branding & Identity
Calligraphy & Typography